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Common Misconceptions About Notaries


Notarization makes an impact on the authenticity of a document. It makes the agreements valid and enforceable and serves as proof of transaction.

But many people have misconceptions about Notary and Signing Services. Let us discuss these common fictions below.

  • A notary public prepares the documents to be signed.
    No, this is not the case. The purpose of the notary is to be an impartial witness to the signing of documents. He must not partake in the preparations because it is an unauthorized practice. Unless otherwise, he is also an attorney.
  • Mobile Notary in Texas can sign all types of documents.
    No. Some contracts don’t necessitate notarization. But considering the elements in a document, a notary public cannot sign incomplete and fraudulent agreements. The agreement must include complete details.
  • I can sign a document for Notary Services in Dallas, Texas, beforehand.
    This statement is false. Signing pre-notarization invalidates the document. You must sign with the physical presence of the witness. Notaries can notarize their documents.

This act is prohibited. The person must sign before a different Notary Signing Agent in Grand Prairie, TX. He cannot also notarize a document involving his family if he has a beneficial or financial interest in the transaction.

We hope this blog can give you a better understanding of what notaries are all about. Should you need such services as quickly and accurately as possible, Your Notary Next Door can provide these for you. Call us at 214-612-6809 to know more about our services.

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