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Jurat and Acknowledgment: What’s the Difference?


Authenticating documents is highly relevant in this day and age and will continue to be relevant in the future. For this reason, individuals need access to accurate information about Notarial Act so signers can avail of Notary and Signing Services for their certificates.

Jurats and acknowledgement are common notarial acts that signers and even some notaries often conflate. Here’s a simplified comparison of the two Notary Services in Dallas, Texas, Texas, to help individuals understand which procedure applies to their documents.

  • Jurat

    This is the second most common type of judicial Notarization containing a statement dictating that the signer has signed and affirmed the contents of the affidavit. To execute the notary, the document must be signed before the notary public. The main purpose of this notarial act is to declare the truthfulness of the document signer, appealing to the signer’s conscience. Jurats are common among documents used as evidence in court proceedings.

  • Acknowledgment

    A Notary acknowledgement is a formal statement used to verify the identity of the signature inscribed on legal documents. This requires the signer to agree to execute the document freely. The acknowledgment is made in the presence of the notary public. The signing of the document, however, doesn’t have to be in the notary’s presence. To complete the acknowledgment, the document must be signed by the notary. An acknowledgment is usually required to entitle a document to be filed and recorded.

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