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The Power of Powers of Attorney


A Power of Attorney or a POA is an important document that delegates a representative to act on a principal’s behalf. It is a letter that states that an attorney-in-fact can make legal decisions for the person. It needs Notary and Signing Services to make it legal and incontestable.

There are different kinds of Power of Attorney, and we, a Mobile Notary in Texas, listed them below for your reference.

  • General Power of Attorney or GPA
    General Power of Attorney is a legal document one can use for broader purposes – to manage finances, investments, properties, and others. It is valid until the work specified in the manuscript is done, reaches expiration, or when the principal is debilitated or deceased.
  • Limited Power of Attorney
    Limited POA gives a person authorized to act only on a specific task, like the management of properties. After that, the contract terminates.
  • Durable Power of Attorney
    This legal document states that the agent will have a lifetime authority to act on behalf of the principal, even until he is debilitated. That is why it needs proper Notarization. But can still be revoked upon the demand and initiation of the principal.
  • Medical Power of Attorney
    Medical POAs are Durable POAs for medical purposes.

We hope this gives you an idea of which POA applies to you. 

And if you need Notary Services in Dallas, Texas, to publicize and authenticate your documents, entrust them to our team of efficient and detail-oriented people. We can travel to your location to deliver notarial services for your convenience. Your Notary Next Door can handle the job wherever you are in Dallas-Forth Worth, TX. 

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Note: As the signer, you must inform the Notary what type of notarization you require. If unsure, please consult the document drafter or receiving agency to clarify what notarial act they require before you go to the Notary in order to ensure the right notarization is done.  A lawyer can help you if you still are unsure.

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