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Why You Need to Do Notarization the Legal Way


The rampant practice of sending over documents to the offices of the lawyers for notarization through messengers is a violation of the law. Personal appearance is necessary because the less the notary knows the person, the more necessary it is that the person should appear. Although regardless of whether the notary knows the person, appearance is required. That is why a mobile notary in Texas is made available for the convenience of the person that needs a notary.

Appearance is required because the notary should check not only that it is the person himself that signed the document but also that he did it voluntarily and with a sound mind. That person was not forced, or threatened, or was under undue influence, was not crazy, or drunk, or not sober, and not thinking straight. Sending over documents for notarization defeats the purpose of the law and puts the notary and the parties at risk.

The non-signing of the notarial book is another violation of the Notarial Law. One of the reasons why notary and signing services are required is because the notarial book serves as a master list for the copies of the notarized documents submitted to the courts. Signing is a confirmation by the party or parties that the document notarized is the one listed in the notarial book. Also, aside from reporting, the book serves as a memorial in case the copies of the notarized documents are lost. The continuous practice of some notaries in public wherein the signatories are not required to sign the notarial book should not be tolerated.

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